We make our butter-based layer cakes to order, from scratch, on site. The cakes are filled and frosted with smooth, not-too-sweet Italian meringue buttercream. Call 310-4405 to order! Two days’ notice is ideal but sometimes we can make a cake faster if you’re having a dessert emergency. Just give us a call and we’ll work something out.

Cake Sizes
6" serves 6-8 people, $16
9" serves 10-16 people, $24
1⁄4 sheet serves 16-24 people, $36
12" serves 24-36 people, $58
1⁄2 sheet serves 36-52 people, $6

Cake Flavors

Red Velvet
Yellow (Vanilla)

Frosting Flavors

Cream Cheese
Peanut Butter

Additions: Make your cake even more special with a topping or filling of Chocolate Ganache, Coconut Frosting, Fresh Berries, Lemon Curd, or Toasted Nuts.  Add-ons incur a separate charge.

Decorations: Our head decorator, Lindsay, is available to add special decorations to any cake. We will happily write a message on any cake in chocolate and add sprinkles to make your cake festive at no charge. Any additional design will incur a separate fee, to be discussed upon ordering. Please note: We only work with buttercream, not fondant, so the decorations will be delicious, but not as smooth as a fondant decorated cake. View our galleries below to see examples.

Specialty Cakes

For a super-special occasion, you might need an extra-special cake. These special flavors will make any party extra-festive.

Almond Raspberry Cake $36 Two 9” layers of almond cake filled and frosted with raspberry buttercream.

Boston Cream Pie $30 Two 9” sponge cakes sandwiched with a thick layer of homemade vanilla pastry cream, topped with a shiny chocolate glaze

Carrot Cake $34 Two 9” layers of carrot cake filled and frosted with cream cheese frosting.

Coffee Walnut Cake $38 Two 9” layers of walnut cake filled and frosted with coffee buttercream.

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake $32 Two 9” layers of rich gluten-free chocolate cake filled and frosted with your choice of buttercream.

My husband got me a tres leches cake for mother’s day and it was amazing!
— Julie-Beth

Mexican Chocolate Cake $30 Two 9” layers of chocolate cake flavored with cinnamon and chili. Filled and frosted with coffee buttercream.

Tres Leches Cake $38 One 9 x 13 layer. Traditional Latin American dessert. Vanilla sponge cake soaked in cream and condensed milk.

Ultra Chocolate Cake $48 Three 9” layers of chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream, then coated in fudgy chocolate ganache.

We ordered a specialty cake...called very berry for my daughters baby shower...all I can say...and everyone else that had a piece of this cake...is...AMAZING! Multiple people commented that it was the best cake they have ever had! I completely agree...and would recommend tin pan bakery 100%!
— Michelle F.

Ultra Lemon Cake $44 Three 9” layers of lemon cake with lemon curd between each layer, frosted with lemon buttercream.

Very Berry Cake $46 Three 9” layers of cake with berries baked right in. Filled and frosted with berry buttercream, with fresh berries on top.