Customer Reviews

Absolutely authentic and classic baking greatness! - Liz L.

Snickerdoodles are the best I’ve ever had, and everything is delicious! - Michelle

Everyone at the office LOVED the kitty cookies. Not only unbelievably cute, they were incredibly delicious. We deemed them worth the calories! - Beth Q.

The King Cakes and hand pies were amazing!! I say “were” because they are all gone!! - Jennifer V.

I have ordered several cakes and all of them were delicious and gorgeously decorated! The only place I’ll order from, from now on. We love Tin Pan bakery!! - Dominique B.

A perfect sugar cookie is the hardest cookie to make. The sugar cookies here are perfect, as are all the other cookies. I'm eating my way through the menu trying to decide if this is the best Bakery ever (yes). The worst thing about this Bakery is trying to decide if you want to try something new or get the thing you loved from last time. The solution is to get both. - Samantha B.

We ordered a specialty cake...called very berry for my daughters baby shower...all I can say...and everyone else that had a piece of this! Multiple people commented that it was the best cake they have ever had! I completely agree...and would recommend tin pan bakery 100%! - Michelle F.

We ordered a chocolate cake with a very special monkey drawn on it. It was a crowd pleaser for sure and made a very special 5 year old very happy! The cheddar biscuits are SO good! - Jessica A.

We ordered 2 sheet cakes for our wedding - chocolate cake w. raspberry buttercream and carrot cake w. cream cheese frosting - and both were incredibly absolutely truly extraordinarily delicious.

Thank you for providing these treats! - Jenn K.

This is an awesome neighborhood bakery. The food is fresh and delicious. The staff is friendly and very helpful. Well-worth a visit. - Susan F.

Super yummy cranberry crumble bar and the chocolate chip cookies are rich and delicious. My family adored the cheddar biscuits! Highly recommend it. - Sarah C.

Picked up cookies and Whoopie pies for a meeting at work, whoopie pies got 10 stars and cookies got many Wow’s! Not a crumb left! - Amy H.

The best bakery in Portland, Maine! - Maya L.

The best chocolate chip cookies I've ever had. They looked amazing, so my expectations were high...and they did not disappoint! - Jen C.

My husband got me a tres leches cake for mother's day and it was amazing! - Julie-Beth

Magical, I've eaten the savory hand pie two mornings in a row...I can't stop! - Kimberly L.

Ordered a birthday cake and it was delish! Moist, good frosting to cake ratio. Didn't even need ice cream to help it go down. - Kara W.

The best Christmas Cookies I have ever had. They are beautiful and taste great. The hand pies and raspberry squares are very good. This is my favorite bakery. - James D.

The cookies. Oh. My. Goodness. The COOKIES!! Rich, decadent, clearly made with good quality ingredients and a whole lotta love. The pecan bar masterfully captured the light fluffy crust and nutty, gooey topping with an even more perfect ratio than the best pecan pie. Delightful. 100% recommend! - Audrey C.

A baker's bakery. The very best bakery I have been to in the state of Maine, the chocolate Babka (braided yeast bread) is fantastic, it was full of flavor, dark chocolate, eggy, excellent crumb, light and delicious. Their whoopie pies are made with a fluffy, flavorful butter cream filling complimenting the chocolate cakes luxuriously. They also had fancy, frosted unicorn cookies. - Alicia R.