+ How much do your cookies cost?

Pricing for our decorated cookies depends on the size of the cookie and how long it takes to decorate. Larger cookies are a bit more, and cookies with multiple colors and decorative elements cost more. In addition any intricate decorations may increase the price. Here are some examples:

A 2.5” tall heart decorated with one color and maybe a few sprinkles or a little flourish would be $2.25.

The lobster cookie (about 3” tall) is $3 even though it is only one color (red), because the cookie is decorated in different segments and has a number of details added.

Our popular Maine cookie (5” tall) is $3 when done simply (one color, or a couple of tie-dyed colors) but is $4 or more when it is fancier (like it has the little moose and pine tree cookies added onto it).

+ I thought your cookies were $21 per dozen!

Our “regular” cookies, like chocolate chip, molasses, sugar, etc., are $21 per dozen. Our decorated cookies are priced individually and there is no volume discount. They are much, much more time consuming to make than a drop cookie and are priced accordingly.

+ Can I get six lobster cookies?

All decorated cookie orders require a minimum order of one dozen per shape/design. Please note that this doesn’t mean you have to order each design BY the dozen. You can get 13, 18, 21, or any number higher than 12. You don’t have to just get one, two, or three dozen. (The exception to the dozen minimum is when we are selling decorated cookies from our case. If we have a batch of lobster cookies in our case, you can call and have us set any number aside for you, even just one or two.))

+ I want the simplest $2 cookies. Please write “Grandma” on them.

Writing adds another layer of time and materials to the order. Icing needs to dry completely before it is written on, for starters. Generally, writing with a decorating pen (flat writing on the frosting) will add 25 cents per cookie. Writing in royal icing (writing that sticks up off the cookie) will add more.

+ I’m willing to pay the extra money for the writing, but please do the writing in gold.

Anything gold will add another 25 cents per cookie, on top of other charges. Gold food coloring and luster is many times more expensive than other food colors.

Probably! But we need several weeks’ notice. To put logos on cookies, we order a stencil that will ensure consistency across all the cookies. The customer covers the cost of the stencil ($10). It typically takes a week or so to have the stencil designed and shipped to us. After that, the cost of the logo cookie will depend on how many colors are involved in reproducing it and how complicated it is. Logo cookies generally start at $3 each because they tend to take quite a bit of time to complete. NOTE: We cannot reproduce any tiny writing which might be part of your logo. If your logo has lots of little letters or numbers that you want included, you need to find a company that uses a silk screen machine or a 3D printer. That’s not us.

+ I’d like five dozen decorated cookies by tomorrow, with five different designs.

We’d love to, but…. no. Decorated cookies take quite a bit of time. The dough has to be made and chilled. Then it has to be rolled out and cut, chilled again, then baked. The cookies have to be completely cool before they can get decorated. Different colors need to dry completely before the next color is added. And then they need to dry overnight before they can be safely boxed or bagged without smudging. This is why we ask for at least 5 - 7 days notice for decorated cookie orders.

+ Can you make these cookies I saw on Pinterest?

The answer is… maybe. Lindsay can draw almost anything, so in terms of technique, probably yes. But sometimes we don’t have the right shape cookie cutter. Sometimes the design requires tools we don’t have. Sometimes we have the right cutter, but in a size that is not going to work with the desired design. And sometimes we make a judgment call that replicating a certain design will take so much time it will result in a very expensive cookie that people don’t actually want to pay that much for, which is a waste for all of us. We want our customers to love their cookies!

+ My sister is getting married and her colors are puce and fuchsia. Can you match those colors on the cookies/cake I ordered?

No. We cannot match colors on either cookies or cakes and we will never promise that we can. Of course we will try our best, and we can get the colors into the right ballpark, but we cannot over-promise that we will exactly match any colors.

+ I really want decorated cookies at my large party, but I can’t afford to get 100 cookies if they cost $3 each!

We understand! Our suggestion in this case would be to get one or two dozen of whatever decorated cookie you want, and then to get our mini cookies (small versions of our regular cookies) to fill up your display. Our mini cookies are $7.50 per dozen, and they are really delicious. Place your beautiful decorated cookies in the middle of your plate or tray, and surround them with mini chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies. It’s the best of both worlds.

+ Can you make gluten-free decorated cookies?

Yes, we can! They cost 25 cents more per cookie, to cover the cost of the gluten free flours, which are more expensive than regular flour. These cookies are also a bit more fragile than the regular cookies, so make sure you handle them carefully. They are typically rolled thicker than our regular sugar cookies. (Please note that our GF cookies are made on the premises and with the same equipment as our regular glutenous items.)

+ I’d like something drawn on my cake. How much will it be?

Cake decorating charges range from $5 - $25 depending on the complexity. (Once in a while a really special design would be more.)

+ Can you make a dragon cake for me?

We do not make any cakes in three-dimensional shapes

+ Okay, can you draw a dragon on my kid’s cake like I saw on Pinterest?

As with the cookies, Lindsay is able to draw pretty much anything on a cake. But there are some caveats:

Our shop does not use fondant for decorating. If you are looking at an Instagram picture of a decorated cake that looks super smooth, you are looking at fondant. Fondant is great for decorating, but not great for eating, which is why we don’t use it. So for cake decorating Lindsay uses our buttercream, which is delicious, but not pliable and smooth like fondant. We always warn people about this, but sometimes customers are disappointed when their cake does not match the Pinterest picture. We honestly do not know how to make this any clearer. Your cake will look lovely, and it will taste good. But it will not be perfectly smooth.

We do not have any kind of silk screening machine. If you are looking for an exact replica of a detailed image or photo, or if you are looking for a perfect copy of your kid’s favorite cartoon character, you are looking for a shop with a machine.

We mix all buttercream colors by hand at the shop. Any cake design will increase in price when more colors are added. A green dragon with black details and red, orange, and yellow fire is going to cost more than a green smiley face. We are not like the supermarket with giant vats of different colored icing. Our buttercream is made fresh and dyed in small batches for each job. Everything we do takes time! And time, sadly, is money.

If you want something drawn on your cake, it will be done in vanilla buttercream. Our flavored buttercreams cannot hold enough food coloring to be used as the base for colored designs. You can have your cake frosted in any flavor you want (chocolate, raspberry, etc.) but the decoration drawn on top will be done in vanilla.

+ Can you write on my cake?

There is no charge for writing a simple message on a cake.

+ So you will write my 25-word poem on my cake for free?

On our smallest (6”) cake, we will write three words. So it’s either ‘Happy Birthday Mom’ or ‘Happy 50th Birthday.’ On larger cakes, we will make a judgment about what we can fit without undue stress. For very long messages written on a cake, we will add an additional charge to cover time and materials.

+ Can you write on my cake in blue?

We do not use pre-made icing to write on cakes. We use melted chocolate. If you want a specific color of writing, we typically use dyed white chocolate. There is a $5 fee for this. (We have tried in the past to write on cakes with royal icing, which is what we use to decorate the cookies, and which can be dyed much faster and more cheaply. However, we have found that the royal icing often bleeds onto the buttercream, which ruins the presentation, so we don’t do that anymore.)

+ Can you show me some examples of your work?

Our website has some pictures, but the best place to see our work is on our Facebook page. Just scroll through the feed and you will see lots of evidence of Lindsay’s prodigious talents. (You don’t have to be a Facebook member to see these pictures!)